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Why do we need nests?
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Join our campaign

Can you cut and sew, knit or otherwise craft a little bit?

Help us out by making a nest in one of the ways for which we have instructions.  Anyone can do it. For directions see our “How can I help” page and knit, crochet, and craft with others in our Ravelry group.

Are you a knitting or crafting shop? Do you sell items used to make nests? Join us

You can support our campaign by downloading our poster [PDF] and displaying it in your shop.  You can also distribute or sell our instructions packaged with yarn or other materials as a complete kit.  For a complete set of instructions, see our “How can I help?” page.

Are you a licensed bird rescuer?  Join us

Accredited bird rescue groups can request to join the baby bird nest campaign.

As a participant in the campaign you’ll receive an acknowledgement on our web page. You’ll also receive nests as they come in to WildCare and are shipped out to you.

Click for more information and to complete the Baby Bird Nest Registration for Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators

Are you a national craft or craft supply retailer?  Join us

We are looking for partners to help get the word out about the baby bird campaign.  Contact Mecca Billings Nelson at or 415-295-4471.



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