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Why do we need nests?
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spacer2.gif Starling in knitted nest. Photo by Melanie Piazza
  Baby bird in a knitted nest.
Photo by Melanie Piazza

No Baby Bird Nest Campaign in 2017

Thank you to the hundreds of knitters and crocheters that sent us nearly 6,000 baby bird nests in our previous years' Baby Bird Nest Campaigns!

Because of the remarkable response last year, however, we do not need additional nests in 2017.

We request that our generous knitters and crocheters not send nests this spring and summer, as we have no place to store them.

The hundreds of nestling songbirds WildCare will admit  to our Birdroom this spring and summer will stay warm, safe and protected thanks to your efforts, as we have many nests prepped and ready for their arrival.

Details about our nest needs in 2018 will be posted here later in the year.

Looking for another knitting project? Check out the Santa Maria Valley Humane Society's "Knittin' for Kittens" events and needs here.

About the Baby Bird Nest Campaign

Each year, WildCare's Wildlife Hospital raises over 800 orphaned baby birds, and knitters and crocheters from across the country and around the world have been making nests to house these tiniest of patients.

WildCare's baby birds, and orphaned patients in wildlife hospitals across the country benefited from your work!

Why do we need nests?

When baby birds are orphaned and brought into wildlife hospitals, they need to live in something that is soft, washable and resembles a wild bird's nest. Knitted and crocheted nests are perfect.

How can you help?

During the spring and summer months when our Campaign is active, you can knit or crochet a nest! Our knitting and crochet patterns come with guidelines to make your nest safe and healthy for our baby songbirds. Please note: We will not be accepting nests in 2016.

If you're a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, you can receive knitted nests! Click here to join our community!


Why do we need nests for our baby birds?

Orphaned baby birds need to be kept warm. Fabric nests provide them with warmth and cushioning while they’re cared for in WildCare's Wildlife Hospital.

Rescuers feed the baby birds throughout the day, washing and replacing the nests with clean ones daily. Woolen nests are perfect.

How else can I support WildCare?

Donate $5 for 15 meals for each of our orphaned baby songbirds! Your donation in any increment of $5 will give our baby birds the nutrition they need to grow up strong and ready for release!

We take in over 200 species of wildlife, and we treat them year round. If you’d like to support our work, please make a donation or buy a baby bird T-shirt, mug or tote.

Questions? Visit our FAQ page or for knitting and crochet advice, see our Ravelry group.
Baby birds in knitted nests. Photo by Melanie Piazza

The 2014 Baby Bird Nest Campaign was a great success!

We collected over 3,500 nests and outfitted WildCare’s hospital along with over a dozen others throughout the United States. We had over 350 different crafters donate nests from all over the US, Canada, Australia and the Ukraine. Many of the bird hospitals we outfitted are individuals who work out of their homes and who simply don't have the resources to run a campaign like this. They were very grateful for the nests.

The campaign was covered by NBC Nightly News, the San Francisco Chronicle, Huffington Post, KPIX Channel 5 News, KTVU Channel 2 News, the Marin Independent Journal, and dozens of other television stations, independent blogs and websites.

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Celebrate Baby Bird Season and the beautiful nests you've knitted with a baby bird T-shirt (or mug or tote bag). WildCare receives a $15 donation with each purchase to help feed our baby birds.
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