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Why do we need nests?
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About the campaign

WildCare, a leading wildlife hospital and nature education center in Marin County in the San Francisco Bay Area, is running the Baby Bird Nest Campaign.

Located in downtown San Rafael, California, WildCare leads the way in showing  people how to live well with wildlife through a complete cycle of respectful, practical and humane programs in wildlife treatment and environmental education.

Each year we treat as many as 4,000 ill, injured or orphaned wild animals of 200 different species in our wildlife hospital. Many of these patients are orphaned baby songbirds. We also teach more than 40,000 Bay Area child and adult participants in our environmental education programs, assist residents and businesses with nuisance wildlife with our WildCare Solutions service, and we answer thousands of telephone calls concerning human/wildlife interaction on our Living with Wildlife Hotline – 415.456.SAVE.

WildCare handles all of the costs and logistics of the Baby Bird Nest Campaign. We are currently seeking a single exclusive corporate sponsor in the fiber or retail craft market to help bring a larger consumer footprint and additional financial resources to the table.

For more information or with general questions, please call Jo Ashmore, (415) 460-5256; Tuesdays - Fridays 9 am - 3 pm PST or email

Contact Us

Crafting questions: Ravelry Group (requires free registration) or email us at

General questions: Jo Ashmore 415-460-5256 or

Media inquiries: Alison Hermance at 415-453-1000 x24 or

Sponsorship: Mecca Billings Nelson at 415-295-4471 or 

Mail your completed nest(s) (including your completed information form) to:

WildCare Baby Bird Nest Campaign
76 Albert Park Lane
San Rafael, CA 94901

Other questions?
Check out of FAQ page.


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