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WildCare's goal is to help people live well with wildlife, even when we encroach on each other's territories. The more we know about wildlife and the environment around us, the better we can coexist without harm or conflict.

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Are you experiencing problems with nuisance wildlife?  Are there raccoons, skunks, rodents or opossums living under your deck, in a crawl space or in the attic? WildCare’s certified specialists are trained in humane exclusion techniques that encourage the offending animal to move along. We then seal entry points to prevent the problem from occuring again. Find potential problems on your own with our 24-point Do It Yourself Home Inspection Checklist!
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Learn how to live well with wildlife! Updated regularly with answers to all your wildlife questions, the WildCare Solutions Blog is an excellent resource for humane and effective wildlife solutions.
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Chickadee. Photo by Laura Millholland

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Learn how to live with the wildlife in your own backyard!
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Found an animal? Call 415-456-SAVE

Found An Injured or Orphaned Wild Animal?

If you've found an injured or orphaned wild animal, call WildCare's Living with Wildlife Hotline 415-456-SAVE (7283). WildCare's Wildlife Hospital intakes animals seven days a week from 9am to 5pm. Click for information on keeping the animal calm and directions to our facility in San Rafael, California.

Not in the San Francisco Bay Area?
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Anna's Hummingbird. Photo by Tom Grey

Animal Facts

Learn about some of the amazing wildlife that lives in your backyard! WildCare treats over 200 species of wild animals in our Wildlife Hospital every year.