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WildCare Outreach and Support Volunteers


As a nonprofit organization we rely heavily on donations of items and skills, as well as on financial support. Outreach and support volunteers help WildCare communicate with the community by lending their professional skills to areas such as fundraising, photography and event planning, mailings and database maintenance. They also build and repair cages, contribute produce to help feed our patients and transport animals in their cars to other facilities—or to be released.

If you are looking to volunteer and make a difference to WildCare without the time commitments or specific duties required by our rehabilitation hospital and nature education volunteer programs, there are many other volunteer opportunities that can use skills you already have.


Computer Support and Data Entry

Each year WildCare accepts more than 4,000 wild animal patients. All of our patients’ records are entered in a database that allows us to track cases, do research projects, raise funding and provide information to other agencies. We use a simple automated system that is easy to learn and provides an interesting (cleaner and gentler!) look at the wildlife that comes through our doors. Some computer experience is helpful but not necessary, and the skills you will learn are valuable in today’s job market. We request a minimum commitment of 20 hours but dates and times are flexible.


Fairs and Shows

If you enjoy meeting and talking to new people we encourage you to help staff our booths at the Marin Farmers’ Market, County Fair, harvest festivals and more. A taxidermied animal will always open a conversation, and you will be provided with information about WildCare’s programs, mission and goals to share with the enthusiastic public. Sharing the word about WildCare benefits not only our programs but also the animals throughout the community that will be brought to our facility as a result of someone new finding out about what we do. Commitment can be as needed.


Event Planning and Staffing

Each year WildCare holds fundraising and recognition events that reach out to many different audiences. Whether your favorite event is our elegant annual Gala or the casual Dining for Wildlife, we need people to help plan and assist at a variety of functions. Throughout the year we have events at which volunteers lend a hand to engage visitors while enjoying the day.


If you have maintenance, landscape, painting and/ or carpentry skills we need help for occasional 2 - 3 day improvement projects as well as on-call volunteers when immediate repair response is needed.


WildCare’s Transport volunteers provide safe passage for our patients by safely transporting animals in their cars to other facilities—or to be released. They also transport and distribute newsletters and pick up equipment and supplies when the need arises.

Please click here to complete a New Outreach and Support Volunteer Application to apply to be on our contact list.

Call Jessica Grace-Gallagher, Volunteer Services Manager at 415-453-1000 x21 for more information or email volunteer@wildcarebayarea.org.