Volunteering at WildCare

Lend A Hand

As a nonprofit organization we depend upon the commitment of over 300 volunteers to help staff our programs, including our core animal aid and education programs. Each year over 35,000 hours of time are given to educate 40,000 Bay Area children and adults and treat more than 3,000 wild animals. If you care deeply about our connection with wildlife and want to help ensure a healthy co-existence between humans and animals, please volunteer. All training is provided.

Nature guide and kids

Become a Terwilliger Nature Guide

(For Ages 18 and Over)

Learn the renowned teaching techniques of Elizabeth Terwilliger! Get to know the plants, animals, habitats, and ecology of Marin and Sonoma counties, then share that knowledge with eager students by leading discovery hikes full of exploration and adventure. Click to learn more...
Volunteer holding an injured merlin

Be a Wildlife Hospital Volunteer

(For Ages 15 and Over)

Join our wildlife rehabilitation team and learn to feed, handle, care for, and release over 200 species of sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals. Wildlife Rehabilitators with a year of experience are eligible to become foster caregivers, providing round-the-clock care to orphaned animals. Click to learn more...


Ambassador opossum

Be a Wildlife Ambassador Volunteer

(For Ages 15 and Over, Current Volunteers Only)

WildCare is home to 24 educational wildlife. These animals can no longer survive in the wild and now serve as Ambassadors for their species, educating thousands of Bay Area children and adults each year. They require daily feeding, care, enrichment and training to provide them the best life possible.

Ambassador Volunteers have the opportunity to learn handling techniques, including manning raptors and positive reinforcement training techniques. They also are able to provide valuable and entertaining educational messages to the public on a daily basis. Click here to learn more… 

Student Volunteers at WildCare

Student Volunteers preparing food for patients. Photo M Poun

Student Volunteers preparing food. Photo by JoLynn Taylor

Student Volunteer with songbird diets

Fulfill Your Educational Community Service Hours

(For Middle School and High School Students
Ages 12 - 18)

WildCare’s Young Adult Community Service and Volunteer Program creates a unique bond between adults and young teens. You will help others and gain valuable experience while earning community service hours! 

Young Adult Community Service Volunteer
Students ages 12 through 14 work as support to hospital staff and volunteers to help wildlife and the environment through helping wildlife rehabilitation team.  They provide much needed basic services such as laundry and dishes, services needed to operate a successful wildlife hospital.

Young Adult Volunteer Program
Students ages 15 through 17 learn species identification, proper handling, hygiene and safety precautions, physical therapy regimens and hand feeding techniques. Hospital staff and volunteers work together to accommodate the feeding, cleaning and medication requirements of each patient.

Summer Nature Camp Assistants (for ages 14 - 18)
High school students ages 14 - 18 will work with our camp teachers to provide fun and exciting nature and wildlife experiences for younger campers.

Click to learn more...

Administrative Volunteers

Reach Out as an Outreach and Support Volunteer

Outreach and support volunteers help WildCare communicate with the community by lending their professional skills to areas such as fundraising, photography and event planning, mailings and database maintenance. They also build and repair cages, contribute produce to help feed our patients and transport animals in their cars to other facilities—or to be released. Click to learn more...
Volunteers examine a patient's x-ray

Gain Experience as an Intern

Wildlife Hospital Interns have the opportunity to work hands-on with our wild patients and gain extensive experience learning from our medical staff. WildCare offers unpaid internships in our wildlife rehabilitation hospital during the spring and summer months. Click to learn more...

Volunteer Services Interns get extensive experience helping with administrative tasks; preparing and executing events; managing database of contacts and volunteers; updating collateral and blog posts and much more. Click to learn more...

Bobcat release. Photo by Trish Carney, trishcarney.com
photo by Trish Carney

Provide a Release Site

WildCare treats nearly 4,000 animals every year, and those that survive injuries, illness or orphaning are released back into the wild! Sometimes the place an animal was found isn't an ideal place to release him (near a busy highway, for instance), so we must find a suitable spot within a mile of where he was found. Fill out our form to have your property listed as a potential release site and help us help animals even after they're released!

Getting Started

All new volunteers must attend an orientation and training before they may begin volunteering at WildCare (outreach and intern orientations will be provided on an individual basis).

Nature Guide Volunteer training is offered once a year in the fall. Classes are held on eight Saturday mornings from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Hospital Volunteer Orientations are scheduled once a year in January. Individuals ages 15 -17 years old wishing to volunteer in the Wildlife Hospital must also attend this orientation. Please click for upcoming orientation dates.

Young Adult Community Service Volunteer orientations (for students ages 12 - 14) are held once a year. Our 2013 Orientation will be scheduled some time in early March.

You must register in advance for all orientations and trainings. For more information, please call 415-453-1000 x21 or e-mail volunteer@wildcarebayarea.org.