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Archive of WildCare Advocacy Issues

WildCare Takes a Stand

When legislative policies or human behaviors threaten the welfare of wildlife in the Bay Area, WildCare takes a stand — and helps you do so, too. By signing up for our Action Alert Team, we'll keep you posted on all our current campaigns, giving you the tools you need to voice your opinion or create a better habitat for wildlife in your backyard.

Bobcat. Photo by Trish Carney
Photo by Trish Carney trishcarney.com

Bobcat Protection Act of 2013

During Bobcat trapping season, virtually unlimited numbers of Bobcats are trapped, killed and their fur shipped overseas to China or elsewhere for the luxury clothing market.

The price for Bobcat pelts on the international market has skyrocketed from $78 in 2009 to over $700 in 2012! And the number of Bobcats killed is rising in response.

WildCare wants this to stop!

Deer photo by Trish Carney
Photo by Trish Carney trishcarney.com

Help Stop 19 California State Game Refuges from Being Opened to Hunting

The California Legislature has directed the Department of Fish and Game (DFG) to review and evaluate the existing State Game Refuge system.
In 2008, the DFG proposed a legislative change to eliminate the State Game Refuge status of some areas. The proposed change in status would open these lands to public and private use, including hunting. Read more...

Skunk warning 

Is That Skunk I Smell?

January and February is skunk mating season in the Bay Area! During this time, male skunks are very excitable and may spray more readily. Between territorial disputes, males fighting and females spraying males they don’t approve of, a lot of skunk odor is being generated right now. Read more...

Burrowing Owl. Photo by Tom Grey 

Help Us Save the Antioch Burrowing Owls

Eleven Burrowing Owls (at least four breeding pairs) in the East Bay city of Antioch are being evicted from their homes by a planned development by Kiper Homes. Just weeks from the beginning of breeding season for these birds, this eviction is potentially catastrophic for these birds, considered a Species of Special Concern in California. Click to help!

Oiled cormorant. Photo by Alison Hermance 

Oil Spill in San Francisco Bay

An oil spill occurred in the San Francisco Bay on Friday, October 30, 2009. As the sheen of spilled bunker fuel spread south from the Panamanian Dubai Star, the Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN), of which WildCare is a central member was activated by the state to rescue wildlife caught in the toxic sludge. Read more...

Northern Spotted Owl photo by Robert Bloomberg

Northern Spotted Owls at Risk

A proposed amendment to the California State Board of Forestry's California Forest Practice Rules would eliminate the requirement for a state-employed biologist to oversee Timber Harvest Plans. Instead, the amended language would allow a "spotted owl expert" to assess the risks to spotted owls, but this "expert" need not be unbiased and could even work for the timber companies that are applying for harvest permits! Click to read more...

Three Acorn Woodpeckers, photo by Jim Pankey

Help WildCare Stop the Killing of Fifty Acorn Woodpeckers

A senior adult community in Walnut Creek, California received a permit for a sharpshooter to kill fifty Acorn Woodpeckers from a colony that has damaged buildings in the complex. This plan is cruel, unnecessary and ineffective! Help WildCare bring a humane solution to the problem...

Pine Siskin in care at WildCare, photo by Juan-Carlos Solis

Salmonella Outbreak Killing Songbirds Throughout the Bay Area

Salmonella poisoning spreads rapidly through bird populations at bird feeders and bird baths. The disease is deadly to songbirds, especially seed-eaters like Pine Siskins and Goldfinches. Keeping your feeders and birdbaths clean is of utmost importance!
Click to learn how...

Fallow fawn in grass

Support Humane Alternatives to Population Control for Point Reyes Fallow and Axis Deer

There is a controversy raging in West Marin County over the planned extermination of two introduced species of deer in the Point Reyes National Seashore. Learn more about WildCare's stand on this contentious issue.

Oil Spill in San Francisco Bay

On November 7, 2007 the cargo ship Cosco Busan hit the Bay Bridge and dumped 58,000 gallons of heavy-duty bunker fuel oil into the San Francisco Bay. WildCare is part of the Oiled Wildlife Care Network and is admitting oiled patients for triage and care. For your safety please DO NOT TOUCH AN OILED ANIMAL! Call 877-823-6926 to report an oiled animal's location.