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Terwilliger Environmental Award

TEA winner Ane Carla Rovetta. Photo by Tory Russell
Ane Carla Rovetta
Ane Carla Rovetta was the regular and much beloved storyteller at WildCare's Creatures of Myth and Legend Halloween event.

Congratulations 2015 Terwilliger Environmental Award winner, Ane Carla Rovetta!

For over 30 years Ane Carla has been leading hikes, overnight nature trips, telling stories and teaching workshops to  children, adults and educators.  Ane Carla’s enthusiasm for sharing her natural history knowledge is contagious.

Her skills as a story teller are renowned. Her presentations are more than lively portraits of our local wildlife; her stories embody the spirit of local species and teach lessons about their place in the natural world. She tells Coast Miwok, Pomo and other California Indian stories that help people connect with local ecosystems and that illustrate how animals came to get their adaptations.  She often sketches the animal protagonist after the story sharing interesting details about the species and how to identify them.

Ane Carla teaches classes on uses of native plants, providing hands on experience such as weaving dolls from tule leaves, fashioning walnut dice, and creating corn husk hakki sacks that fly, all the time sharing stories of folklore associated with the plants being utilized. One of her more recent passions has been creating pastel sticks with soils, soot, milk and plants and sketching landscapes using only these non toxic crayons.  She teaches children and adults how to make these pastel sticks which they can then use for art projects.

At WildCare she taught Terwilliger Nature Guides how to make ink out of oak galls and then create oak tree drawings in the field using the “oak gall ink.”

In short, Ane Carla has been helping people connect with nature in a myriad of ways for over 30 years

Mrs. T in a red hat

Elizabeth Terwilliger

The Terwilliger Environmental Award honors an educator who:

bird print bullet point   Is actively involved in teaching the public to appreciate and protect the natural environment
bird print bullet point   Has made a significant difference and a real impact on the Bay Area
bird print bullet point   Inspires children and adults to love nature by making the study of nature interesting, fun and exciting
bird print bullet point   Demonstrates a commitment to responsible action for the environment and a sustainable world
bird print bullet point   Shows consistent interest and determination in both the length and variety of his/her environmental activities
bird print bullet point   Leads with new insights and methods for environmental education.

Previous award recipients include:

bird print bullet point 2014 Meryl Sundove, National Audubon Society, Pt. Reyes Bird Observatory, Bay Shore Studies and S.T.R.A.W
bird print bullet point 2012 Charles McGlashan, Marin County Supervisor
bird print bullet point 2011 Sharon Barnett, Marin Nature Adventures
bird print bullet point 2010 Norm Gershenz, SaveNature.org
bird print bullet point 2009 John Muir Laws, California Academy of Sciences
bird print bullet point 2008 Joe Mueller, College of Marin
bird print bullet point 2007 Laurette Rogers, Bay Institute, STRAW
bird print bullet point 2006 Leora Feeney, Friends of the Alameda Wildlife Refuge
bird print bullet point 2005 Zeva Longley, Canal Child Care Center
bird print bullet point 2004 Margaret Goodale, Randall Museum
bird print bullet point 2003 Wendy Dreskin, California Native Plant Society
bird print bullet point 2002 Jeanne Casella, Mary E. Silveira Elementary School and Laura Dax Honda, Manor Elementary School (tie)
bird print bullet point 2001 Dr. Martin Griffin, environmental activist and author