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WildCare's Nature Van 

WildCare's Nature Van. Photo by Anya Pamplona
Little girl with fawn. Photo by Tory Russell
Marco doing a Nature Van Program. Photo by Tory Russell
Examining waterfowl in the classroom
Young student meeting a Snowy Egret

Bring the wild into your classroom with a visit from WildCare’s Nature Van full of taxidermy, bones, bio-facts, and more! 

This program gives students the opportunity to be hands-on with animals and artifacts that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to touch and see up close. 

Pre- and post-visit classroom supplements are included with this program. 

Our Nature Van will leave students with a sparked interest in the natural world and a strengthened sense of responsibility towards preserving our planet.  Choose from the list of topics below.

California Wildlife:
A touch of feathers, fur and scales!  Learn about the astounding animals that live right here in our own neighborhoods.  This presentation provides an overview of our state’s wonderfully diverse wildlife.

Birds of a Feather:
From zipping hummingbirds to soaring raptors, examine the amazing adaptations of our crafty feathered friends.  Students will leave thinking that perhaps having a bird brain isn’t such a bad thing!

Marvelous Mammals:
Purrs, howls, hisses and growls!  Investigate the surprising diversity of mammals, from marsupials and mustelids to felines and canines, and find out where humans fit into this furry cast of critters.

Redwood Giants:
Who is hiding amongst the tallest trees in the world?  Take a peek into life in a Coastal Redwood Forest.  From banana slugs on the forest floor to owls in the canopy, investigate the interdependency of organisms hidden in each layer of this spectacular forest.

Ocean Adventures:
Put on your swimsuit and get ready for a trip to the sea!  Discover the unbelievable ways that animals have adapted to living in each ocean habitat, from tidepools and sandy beaches to kelp forests and the open ocean.

Wild Wetlands:
Creeks, ponds and wetlands!  Wade into the unique lifecycles of the animals that pass through these watery worlds.  Explore this vanishing habitat to learn exactly why it is worth preserving and how you can help.

Going Green:
It’s easy being green—let WildCare teach you how!  Investigate the issues affecting wildlife and learn simple ways that you can make a difference. The plants and animals will thank you!

Pricing: $200 for the 1st presentation, $120 for each additional presentation, $1 per mile travel fee ($10 minimum).

45-60 minute presentations, pre-K to adult, 30 person maximum per presentation.

If you have questions about the Nature Van Program, please call 415-453-1000 x19 or email kate@discoverwildcare.org.