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Child on a Nature Guide Field Trip

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At WildCare we work to repair and prevent damage to our environment in a number of ways. We rehabilitate wildlife that has suffered from interaction with humans or their pets, and we educate people -- especially young people -- who will carry our mission into the future.

WildCare advocates for wildlife for a sustainable world.

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WildCare needs you as a member. Please join us. Your membership will help purchase animal food and medicine, and pay for science education materials that teach people of all ages to appreciate the natural world we share with wildlife.

WildCare is a small organization that does great things. We rely on more than 300 volunteers to help with the day-to-day work of our wildlife hospital and nature education programs. With your membership, we -- and they -- can do even more.

 Volunteer releasing a cormorant into San Francisco Bay

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bird print bullet points WildCare’s exciting, informative quarterly color newsletter
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What your Membership Does
Volunteer holding an injured merlin

Wildlife Rehabilitation

We admit nearly 4,000 animals each year for treatment and rehabilitation.

Field trip with a Nature Guide

Terwilliger Nature Education

We take natural science into the schools and into the field, reaching and teaching more than 40,000 Bay Area school children and adults every year.

Ambassador opossum

Wildlife Ambassadors

Over 20 Wildlife Ambassadors now live at WildCare. Each has a story to tell.

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Living with Wildlife Hotline 415-456-SAVE

We provide answers to your wildlife questions 24 hours a day.