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WildCare Solutions Service

 Sometimes wildlife gets too close for comfort! WildCare Solutions offers humane and effective methods to evict problem wildlife. Photo by LInda Campbell
Raccoon on birdfeeder
Removing what is attracting wildlife is the only long-term solution to nuisance wildlife problems. WildCare Solutions can help!
Rattus Rattus
Not using rodenticides to solve rodent problems means beneficial predators like hawks and owls don't get poisoned from eating toxic prey.
Bats being humanely excluded from a house. Photo Maggie Sergio
WildCare’s trained Wildlife Solutions Specialists will help you identify the species involved, evict the animal(s) if necessary, and permanently remove whatever is attracting them to your home.

WildCare's WildCare Solutions service is endorsed by the Marin Humane Society, In Defense of Animals, the Animal Protection Institute and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.


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Are you experiencing problems with nuisance wildlife?  Do you have raccoons, skunks, opossums or other animals living under your deck, in a crawl space or in the attic? 

Call us!  We are here to help! 

WildCare Solutions is a service provided by WildCare that is here to help. Our approach is simple, humane and is the only long-term solution that works. 

Trapping doesn’t solve a nuisance animal problem. Trapping and removing an animal leaves an attractively open space on your property for the next wild creature that comes along. Unless whatever is attracting the animal is removed, other animals will fill the vacant space.

When you hire a licensed trapper to come out and trap a nuisance animal, legally the trapper must release the animal within 100 yards of the capture site, or they must kill the animal-- AND they are not legally required to tell you this. 

Relocating wildlife is illegal in California, and, although relocation sounds humane, in most cases relocation results in the death of the animal. Removed from its den, food and water sources and comfort zone, most wildlife will perish. Although our California Department of Fish & Game-certified WildCare Solutions Specialists may trap an animal, they will always release the animal on site, after the entry points the animal has been using are sealed off. Our approach is safe, legal, humane and effective. WildCare will never euthanize healthy animals. 

The WildCare difference

In addition to being licensed by California Dept of Fish & Game, WildCare’s certified specialists are trained in humane exclusion techniques that encourage the offending animal to move along.  Once we confirm that the offending animal has vacated, our specialist will seal up the entry points to your home, business or other building structures to prevent re-entry.  We also provide annual maintenance agreements for property management companies and homeowners associations. 

Rodents in your home, office or commercial building? 

Most homeowners or renters experience some sort of rodent challenge at one time or another.  Rodents are part of our eco-system and are a primary source of food for hawks, owls, bobcats, raccoons, foxes and other wild neighbors with whom we share our world. This is why using rodenticides is so harmful and dangerous.  When you poison rodents, you are also poisoning the animals that eat the rodents. This is called secondary poisoning and is a tragic by-product of using poisons for rodent control. Through a WildCare business partner, we can help with rodent control without using poisons, providing you with a sustainable solution that works. 

All proceeds from WildCare's Wildlife Solutions service go to support WildCare and to a better world. 

WildCare Solutions…The humane, sustainable approach that works.

Call 415 453-1000 X23 for a complimentary telephone consultation. 

Do your own inspection

Use our 24-point Do It Yourself Home Inspection Checklist to find potential wildlife entry points and attractants on your own property!