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Hungry Owl Project logo spacer2.gif Owls and owl box. Photo by David Goodman

The mission of WildCare's Hungry Owl Project is to reduce the need for harmful pesticides & rodenticides by encouraging natural predators, through conservation of habitat, erecting nest boxes when appropriate, through research & education, and by providing a resource of help and information on alternative methods of sustainable pest management.

Visit hungryowl.org for more information on owl boxes and HOP's work to protect and encourage owls and other raptors.

Owl Boxes

Thank you for your interest in owl boxes. Owls do not build their own nests. Most owls simply use the old nests of hawks, ravens, and other birds. In Marin we have several local species that are cavity nesters: including Barn Owls, Western Screech Owls and Saw-whet Owls. North America's smallest falcon, the American Kestrel, is also a cavity nester. These species will readily use artificial cavities in the form of nest boxes.

The Hungry Owl Project has many owl nest boxes available for purchase, however we feel our design is the most beneficial for the protection of the owls for several reasons: the hole size is specific for Barn Owls and too small for Great Horned Owls to enter and prey on Barn Owls or their chicks, the box has a convenient clean-out flap, it is treated with a non-toxic, water-based stain that can extend the life of the box up to 10 years, there are no perches on our boxes - perches are helpful to predators, the Barn Owls don't need them, finally by purchasing a Hungry Owl Box you are supporting our non-profit, educational work. The decision to put up an owl box should not be made lightly, and should be based on an evaluation of whether you actually have good habitat for any of the cavity nesting owl species.

Purchasing a Box

Before purchasing nesting boxes, it is best to determine if your location is appropriate. Give us a call or email and we would love to help you. Basic info can be found in our box overview and more detailed info can be found at hungryowl.org.

Phone: 415-454-4587
Email: info@hungryowl.org

Nesting boxes can be picked up in Ross, CA. If you'd like to have one of our HOP approved tree or post installers install your boxes, call or email for more info.

We make owl boxes year round, although our inventory can fluctuate (we are always looking for volunteers to make them - contact us if you can help)

Price List

Please contact the Hungry Owl Project for prices: 415-454-4587 or info@hungryowl.org 

WildCare members receive a 10% discount on Owl Box purchases. Let the Hungry Owl Project know you are a member when you order your Owl Box.

Not a member? Join today! Not sure if your membership is up-to-date? Contact Dustin Alexander, Membership Manager to confirm at dustin@wildcarebayarea.org.

Additional detailed information on how to purchase an Owl Box is available at hungryowl.org/boxes.

For information about The Hungry Owl Project please contact:

Alex Godbe
Program Director