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Living with Wildlife

One of the most important ways we advocate for animals is by ensuring that everyone has the tools they need to help coexist peacefully with animals.
Raccoon and bird feeder. Photo by Brenda Jaszewski

Living with Wildlife Hotline and Animal Facts

Maybe you're driving and see an injured hawk by the side of the road. Or perhaps you've seen a baby jack rabbit all alone but aren’t sure if it’s orphaned. Call our Living with Wildlife Hotline to speak to an experienced WildCare volunteer and get instructions for helping the animal. Or check our Animal Facts page for answers to frequently asked questions.

Deer eating garden plants

WildCare Solutions service-- Help for Homeowners

The Bay Area is a great place to live — and the animals who live here think so, too. If you've got an unwelcome wildlife guest on your property, make an appointment with our WildCare Solutions service and get some at-home help.

We've excluded rats from a houseboat, gotten an owl out of an attic, sealed a crawl space to prevent skunks from moving in, and rescued a raccoon from a chimney. Let us help you find a humane solution too!

Natural Rodent Control with Hungry Owls

Many farms, vineyards, and gardens have problems with rats or mice. If your outdoor space is overrun with rodents, check out our Hungry Owl Project for a natural solution.