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Communications Inquiries:

Alison Hermance

Public Relations Manager
415-453-1000 x24

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WildCare Media Contacts

All members of the MEDIA should contact Alison Hermance at press@wildcarebayarea.org or 415-453-1000 x24.

Please be sure to include your media outlet, nature of your query, and daytime telephone number. 

Members of the public should visit our contact us page. Your views and concerns are important to us, and we request you to contact us according to these guidelines so that we can continue to assist you in the best and most efficient way possible. Thank you for your interest in, and support of WildCare!

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WildCare in the News

Orphaned baby Western Gray Squirrel. Photo by Alison Hermanc spacer2.gif

WildCare Says Stop! Don't Trim That Tree! Wild Babies of Many Species May Be Using Your Trees and Shrubs as a Nursery

April 2015                                               See the press release

Spring may feel like the proper time to neaten up your garden and prune your trees, but be careful—wild animals are probably using those branches as a nursery!

Every day WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital admits wild patients orphaned by tree trimming and other gardening.

Read the article in the San Jose Mercury News.
Watch Don Ford's piece on KPIX CBS Channel 5.

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Passed out Turkey Vulture. Photo by Melanie Piazza
  Euthanasia Drug Affects the Wrong Animals— Comatose Turkey Vultures Victims of Pentobarbital Poisoning

February 2015
                                              See the press release
spacer2.gif Remember the comatose Turkey Vultures WildCare admitted last summer and fall? The California Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed recently that the cause of these vultures' bizarre symptoms was pentobarbital poisoning. What is pentobarbital? It's a drug used to euthanize animals, including livestock.

The afflicted vultures must have eaten euthabized animals that were improperly disposed of, thereby getting poisoned themselves.

Read the story in the Marin Independent Journal.
The story also appeared on KPIX and NBC Bay Area news at 6pm and 11pm.