WildCare's 2011 Living with Wildlife Photography Contest

Congratulations to our 2011 contest winners!

Our judges had an incredibly difficult job to choose the top photos out of the nearly 200 gorgeous entries we received this year.

Below are the judged Best in Show and Best in Category winners and the People's Choice!

Click each photo to see a larger version.

Marsh Wren Leap of Faith. Photo by Christine Hansen
Best in Show
Marsh Wren Leap of Faith
Christine Hansen
Gulls Fighting. Photo by Karen Eikeland   Foggy Day Yawn on Lichens. Photo by Janet Kessler
Best Bay Area Wild Birds in Their
Natural Settings
Gulls Fighting
Karen Eikeland

Best Bay Area Wild Anmals (Other) in Their
Natural Settings
Foggy Day Yawn on Lichens
Janet Kessler


Foggy Morning. Photo by Christine Churchill


Best General Nature
Foggy Morning, Sonoma County
Christine Churchill


Sacramento River humpback. Photo by Christopher Whittier

Best Living with Wildlife
Sacramento River Humpback (Benicia)
Christopher Whittier

Peeking around a tree. Photo by Janet Kessler
                    The People's Choice
Peeking Around a Tree
                          Janet Kessler


Tree Frogs (Hyla californiae) Foggy 
Day Yawn on Lichens House 
Wren with Insect
Time Sunrise Turkeys Crossing the Street
Peeking Around a Tree Sacramento River Humpback (Benicia, Contra Costa) Anna's Hummingbird
Foggy Morning, Sonoma County Gulls 
Fighting Wild 
Fox Waiting 
for the Bus Marsh 
Wren Leap of Faith Great 
Egret with Captured Alligator Lizard
tailed Weasel Great 
Horned Owl A Walk 
on Drake's Beach
Snowman on Mt. 
Dragonfly Fish-ka-bob 
(Great Blue Heron Spears Goldfish)




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