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2010 Living With Wildlife
Photography Contest Winners

White-tailed Kites. Photo by Richard Pavek

Best In Show

White-tailed Kites by Richard Pavek

Coyote in Side-view Mirror. Photo by Tony Koloski Gopher. Photo by Lisa Woldin

 Best Living With Wildlife

Coyote in Side-view Mirror by Tony Koloski

 People's Choice

Gopher by Lisa Woldin

Male Western Bluebird. Photo by Greg Wilson Cascade Falls. Photo by Richard Stern

Best Bay Area Birds In Their Natural Settings

Male Western Bluebird by Greg Wilson

Best  General Nature

Cataract Falls by Richard Stern

Coyote Triple-take. Photo by Janet Kessler

Best Bay Area Wild Animals (Other)
In Their Natural Settings

Coyote Triple-take by Janet Kessler

View our Top 20 Photographs of 2010!

Enjoy the 20 top finalists in this year's contest; click each image to see a larger version

Coyote in Side Mirror Forster's Tern with Babies Bee
 Coyote in Side Mirror  Forster's Tern with Babies  Honey Bee
Sunrise Fog Above Alpine 

Lake Male Western Bluebird Cataract Falls
 Sunrise above Alpine Lake  Male Western Bluebird  Cataract Falls

"Relaxed" Deer by Propane Tank White-tailed Kites. Photo by Richard Pavek
Coyote - Relaxed Deer by Propane Tank White-tailed Kites - Mating Display
Juvenile Great Horned Owls House Wren with Ladybug Nature Sunset - Lone Tree
Juvenile Great Horned Owls House Wren with Ladybug
Cormorant and Gull - Chase for the Big Fish Our Environment (Seascape) Guarded
Raccoons in Dumpster with Plastic Soda Ring Coyotes - Triple-take Gopher

Jackrabbit - All Ears

Leaves and Droplets Bobcat on Trail with Jogger
Jackrabbit - All Ears Leaves and Droplets  Bobcat on Trail with Jogger

The photographs above are the top five finalists in each of our contest categories:

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