WildCare's 2009 Living With Wildlife Photography Contest Presented by Tamalpais Bank 

The 2009 Winning Photographs


Best in Show

Coup d'Etat. Photo by Christine Hansen

Coup d'Etat by Christine Hansen

Immature Snowy Egret. Photo by Richard Pavek Quail Fluffing Feathers. Photo by Christine Hansen

Best Bay Area Wild Animals in Their Natural Settings

Immature Snowy Egret Landing
Richard Pavek

Best Living with Wildlife

Quail Fluffing Feathers
Christine Hansen

Yacht Club Morning. Photo by Evaristo Buendia-Carrera

Red-tailed Hawk Juvenile. Photo by Lisa Woldin

Best General Nature

Yacht Club Morning
Evaristo Buendia-Carrera

 People's Choice

Red-tailed Hawk Juvenile
Lisa Woldin


Thank you to the wonderful judges of this year's Living with Wildlife Photography Contest! Our judges' photographs have been published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Marin Magazine and the Marin IJ among many other well-known and prestigious publications. The judges used their skills as professional photographers to choose the best images from our over 140 entries based on lighting, composition and subject matter.

Meet our judges: 

Farnum Alston
Trish Carney
Frankie Frost
Caroline James
Tim Porter


Honey Bee. Photo by Richard Pavek Red-tail Hawk Juvenile Blue Heron Looking for Gophers

Honey Bee

Red-tail Hawk Juvenile

Blue Heron Looking for Gophers

Sunset at Stinson Beach Do Your Part for Wildlife

Sunset at Stinson Beach

Do Your Part for Wildlife

Yellow Bird on Chain Link Fence Coup d'Etat Yacht Club Morning

Maple Frog and Dragonflies Bird in Backyard

Immature Snowy Egret Cataract Creek Falls

Snowy Egret Landing

Cataract Creek Falls

Quail Fluffing Feathers

Geology -- Mountain Formation Sharing the Morning Calm

California Quail Fluffing Feathers

Geology-- Mountain Formation

Sharing the Morning Calm



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