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WildCare's 2007 Living With Wildlife Photography Contest Winners

Grand Prize

Snowy Egret and Chick

"Snowy Egret and Chick"
Palo Alto Baylands Rookery
Greg Wilson

First Prize
Animals in their Natural Settings

First Prize
General Nature

Sibling Rivalry between egret chicks

Swirled Creekbed

"Sibling Rivalry Between Snowy Egret Chicks"
Palo Alto Baylands Rookery
Greg Wilson

"Swirled Creekbed with Leaves"
Samuel P. Taylor State Park
Laura Milholland

First Prize
Living with Wildlife

First Prize
Fallow and Axis Deer

King Pigeon

Fallow Deer in multiple color morphologies

"King Pigeon"
Joyce Rietveld

"Fallow Deer"
Point Reyes
Trish Carney

Honorable Mention -- Living with Wildlife

Fallow buck and car

California Gull with Chicks and Garbage

Wild Turkeys in Stand-off with Horses

"Living with Wildlife-- Fallow Buck"
Trish Carney

"California Gull with Chicks
and Garbage"
Laura Milholland

"Wild Turkeys in Stand-off with Horses"
Catherine Tryon

Honorable Mention -- Fallow and Axis Deer

Axis Deer

Fallow buck in grass

Dark brown Fallow fawn

"Axis Deer"
Carla Radtke

"Fallow Buck"
Trish Carney

"Fallow Fawn II"
Trish Carney

Honorable Mention -- General Nature

Swallowtail on Scotch Broom

Leaf, Rock, River

"Swallowtail on Scotch Broom"
Laura Milholland

"Leaf, Rock, River"
Christine Hansen

"Sutro Baths"
Debbie Ames"

Honorable Mention -- Animals in their Natural Settings

Acorn Woodpecker with insect

Northern Flicker with pyracantha

"Female Acorn Woodpecker with Insect"
Greg Wilson

"Northern Flicker
eating berries"
Laura Milholland

"Osprey with Chick"
Don Moseman

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2007 Living with Wildlife Photography Contest

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