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  WildCare Solutions Specialist -- Humane Wildlife Management

WildCare Solutions Specialist -- Humane Wildlife Management

Handyman / Construction Skills for Humane Non-Lethal Wildlife Control San Rafael


WildCare Solutions is based in Marin County, with wildlife exclusion experts serving the North Bay, West Marin and parts of the East and South Bay. We are currently looking for independent contractors to work in all of our service areas, primarily Marin County.

The job of a Wildlife Solutions Specialist (Specialist) is a highly specialized role, one that is focused on problem solving for our customers and ensures that all animals are treated humanely and with respect.

We will provide on the job training for the right person. You must already have basic handyman/construction skills, a humane ethic, and a natural love and appreciation for wildlife. The skill set required for this position is multi-faceted. The individual will be required to learn about animal behavior and seasonal tendencies. In addition, the Specialist will need to become comfortable handling a variety of wildlife situations including but not limited to raccoons, skunks, opossums, bats, pigeons, foxes, squirrels, coyotes and owls. During the months that dependent young wildlife are likely to be present, the Specialist will work closely with each customer to educate them on seasonal behavior and receive commitment from the customer to not evict the dependent young.

Once wildlife has been humanely excluded from a residence or commercial establishment the goal is to solve the problem for the long-term by sealing up the entry points permanently. Construction background and handyman skills are required to succeed in this position to do an excellent job with any exclusion-related repairs the home might require. It is necessary that the Specialist knows how to use power tools, is comfortable climbing onto rooftops and has no hesitations going into crawl spaces and into attics. Part of the job also requires feces clean up and dead animal retrieval, often in difficult to reach spaces.
The job is varied and Specialists understand that each customer situation is unique. They are comfortable having conversations with customers who may be anxious about the situation and effectively educating them about conflicts with wildlife. Educating our customers and sometimes the general public is a key element to this job. Each customer interaction and call is an opportunity to educate the community about how to live well with wildlife.

WildCare Solutions has an excellent reputation in the community and our customers rely on us for humane non-lethal solutions to conflicts with wildlife who have made their dens within structures. Wildlife Solutions Specialists perform inspections of the exterior of homes, and as needed: the crawl space, roof and attic, and other structures, to identify damage caused by wildlife and potential points of entry into the structure. We then humanely and non-lethally evict any wild animal that has taken up residence in or under a house, and monitor the activity level. Upon confirmation that the animal(s) have vacated, repair any damage and secure the entry holes so no other animals can take over the vacancy. We do not trap and we do not kill animals, that’s one important distinction that sets us apart from other nuisance wildlife management companies.


This position is preferably for someone based in the North Bay. We are looking for people with basic handyman/construction skills. You need to have your own power tools, cell phone, truck and regular access to an email account. A wildlife removal specialist respects, appreciates and understands the behavior of local wildlife. You don't have to know it all, we will train the right person, but you must be interested and able to learn and retain. Experience working with wildlife and knowledge of animal behavior is a plus.


• Able to work with and manage a flexible schedule
• Basic handyman/construction skills such as using power tools, installing hardware cloth, replacing screen vents, trenching, caulking, cement work, etc.
• Excellent communication skills
• Must be reliable and show up at jobs on time
• Keep track of inventory and order supplies (hardware cloth, caulking etc.) when necessary
• Own your own power tools and truck or van
• Must own a smart phone and be able to use a square reader for invoicing in the field• Valid CA drivers license and insurance
• Background check
• Experience dealing with emotional and/or challenging customers; a wild animal in your house can be a distressing experience
• Comfortable climbing up ladders, under structures, onto rooftops, in tight spaces, knowledge and adherence to safety procedures
• Physically fit and able to lift 40 lbs.
• Comfortable asking for help when unsure of how to proceed
• Excellent problem solving skills
• Rabies pre-exposure vaccination required after successful completion of probationary and training period. Incremental reimbursement provided depending on duration of employment. )
• Have a natural love, appreciation and respect for animals
• Help train new independent contractors in humane wildlife exclusion techniques, as needed
• Enjoy working outdoors, with people and animals (hands-on contacts with adult wildlife is extremely rare)
• Must be organized and able to manage complicated scheduling with well-timed follow ups, ability to manage and prepare invoicing and receipts according to procedure and in a timely manner
• Based on findings during the inspection, must be able to provide accurate written estimates to customers on what the job will cost to repair any damage and seal points of entry after the animals have vacated

This contractor position is best considered a supplemental source of income, if you work hard, the money can be good but it is not equivalent to a full-time job; Spring and Summer are very busy, while Winter can be very slow.

Veterans encouraged to apply.


Please submit cover letter and resume by mail or email.
Position is open until filled.
No phone calls please.

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WildCare Solutions
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San Rafael CA 94901